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The Struggle Continues for the Freedom of Las 17

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Since 1998 the Salvadoran society has confronted one of its most difficult periods in the area of sexual and reproductive rights.   This has included the persecution of women, especially women living in situations of poverty, and they constitute the majority of Salvadoran women.

The 1998 change in criminal law closed off any possibility of interrupting a pregnancy, even when the life or health of the woman was in danger.  For this reason medical personnel see any intervention as impossible, even when their patients suffer serious health risks.  For example, when facing ectopic pregnancies, or ovarian, tubal or abdominal pregnancies, medical personnel must wait until there no longer exists a fetal heartbeat in order to intervene.  This also happens with women who suffer from pre-existing illnesses which can complicate a pregnancy.  They go to a hospital searching for help, but the physicians have their hands tied because the laws prevent them from doing what their scientific knowledge tells them to do:  interrupt the pregnancy.

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